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OEMI Minutes

The last year has been a fairly quiet one with most Member Groups ticking along preserving the history, killing the rats or trimming the weeds etc. OEMI has been quoted as an exemplar organisation to others and we have been asked by a group in Te Puke for a copy of our constitution.

Other things in Omokoroa have been anything but quiet with men reshaping the land with large and small subdivisions and nature reshaping the land with Cyclones Debbie and Cook removing great chunks of the wonderful walkway along the northern cliff tops. Although in no way replacing this loss, the opening of the new section of the Omokoroa to Tauranga walkway has been well received by walkers and cyclists alike. Average daily traffic on the new section between Tinopai Reserve and Lynley Park has been 147 pedestrians and 40 cyclists with the busiest Sunday seeing 420 pedestrians and 160 cyclists out enjoying this wonderful addition to our peninsula.

We are very pleased to welcome the Omokoroa ANZAC group under the OEMI umbrella and trust that the OEMI application for charitable status will be granted shortly as this will be very useful in the fund-raising for the Memorial Cairn. As at 8 August the application was a few days away from initial consideration by a “Review Analyst” and they typically take 2 - 4 weeks to make their initial response, so hopefully we should hear a result sometime early September.

Another resolution that we have been waiting for is the ability to claim the web address Changes to the Domain Name Registration rules means that this may be resolved in the near future.

The finalisation of the appeals process for the Regional Coastal Environment Plan means that Estuary Protection groups can now resume maintenance within the consented boundaries. Those that led the charge and put in the hours and hours of work in the mud back in 2010 are now eight years older and we need to recognise this and replace them with other willing members of the community. While the growth of seedlings in the bays around the peninsula is not sufficient to warrant a visit from the hovercraft mower there is, nevertheless, significant encroachment along the shorelines that needs to be dealt with. A group of people willing to spend a few hours a month will easily get this back under control.

The review of the 2010 Omokoroa Community Development Plan is underway and it is expected that a draft of the revision will be available for public comment in the next couple of months.

Murray Grainger


This will be my last report as I will stand down after four years as your Chairman. This year's report is very similar to my annual report last year:-

While the year for Omokoroa Environmental Managers Inc could not be counted as spectacular, good solid work has continued within the Member Groups.

I will not detract from their Reports but I wish to say thank you to those who volunteer and contribute to the betterment of our Environment and Community wellbeing.

Omokoroa's population is growing and attracting new residents who want to be part of the community. Much of the base infrastructure and planning is in place to provide a loveable and liveable village and we thank those who have contributed to make this happen.

Of course much of this community's attention, like others these days, are turned to what is sustainable and affordable.

Community Groups help to direct the future of our Natural and Built environment. Mangrove containment, Pest Management, Bird life, Reserve enhancement, Recording History, and Public Art Promotion have and are playing an important role in the Community engagement. These people have made a difference.

How do we engage into the future?

I believe it is only individuals and groups of people who have an idea or concern and are willing to give time and effort who can change and enhance our community. OEMI is a vehicle to give assistance to groups who have an idea or project.

Planning and consultation with others, including Councils is a must and this is where OEMI can assist. If you have an idea or project we would like to hear from you. Or, if you would like to join a group we would be delighted.

To this end and as a vehicle to enhance volunteer groups we have decided to become a foundation member of Bay Conservation Inc. This will give strength to individual groups working on a voluntary basis to attract guidance and funding from a wide source. Julian Fitter of Maketu Ongatoro Wetland Society is here today and he will give us a wider explanation of the aims. I thank Murray Grainger for his involvement on behalf of OEMI and his guidance with the affiliation.

I would like to thank the Omokoroa Community Board, the Western Bay of Plenty District Staff and Representatives and the Bay Of Plenty Regional Council for their support and encouragement.

Norm Bruning


Held at the Settlers Hall, Omokoroa at 3pm on Tuesday 8 September 2015.

Apologies: Paul Stewart, Jocelyn Hicks, Don Cameron, Jo Gravit, Tina Watts, Ian Loten, John Rudd, Amy Quinn [BOPRC]. Moved that the apologies be accepted – N Bruning, seconded – P Gall.

Welcome: Chairman Norm Bruning, welcomed the members attending the meeting.

AGM 2014 Minutes: There were no matters arising. Unanimusly moved that the minutes be taken as read and accepted and be signed by Chairman N Bruning. Inward Correspondence:

Resignation of Cherril Gunn. Action a letter of thanks be sent for her important contribution to OEMI.

WBOPDC informing OEMI about the 2016/17 Facilities in the Commmunity Fund that is open to applications until 15 October 2015. Action groups to note its availability if they have a suitable project.

It was also noted that the WBOPDC Community Matching Fund had been open to applications until 1 September 2015 and that the History Group may have applied for support for the History of Omokoroa that is being written.

Chairman's Report: This was presented by chairman Norm Bruning as per written report on file. Moved that the report be accepted – N Bruning, seconded – M Bradley

Treasurer's Report: Presented by Treasurer P Gall, as per financial statement attached. There were very few financial transactions during the last year and the ANZ bank balance now stands at $6589.46

As an Incorporated Society we have to update our contact details with the Companies Office. Treasurer to complete. Moved that this report be accepted – P Gall, seconded - N Bruning.

Member Group Reports: The following groups also read and presented written reports for file:                                         

Bruntwood Group

Bird Group

Friends of Gerald Crapp Reserve

Pest Free Group

Cooney Reserve Group

The following groups gave verbal reports that are noted below for the record: OERG – N Bruning reported that the clearance of the cut mangrove heaps in the upper Mangawhai had been completed by BOPRC and that the new hovercraft for controlling mangrove shoots had been trialed by BOPRC and could be ready for use soon.

OPAG – reported that they were still awaiting the lizard and signs for their rock and would not be starting any more projects until it was completed.

History Group – reported that Colin Pedigrew had completed the book on the History of Omokoroa and it was ready for printing. It was moved N Bruning and seconded M Bradley that all group reports be received.

WEB Sites Report: K Loten and M Grainger submitted a written report for file and reported that the website was going well but they are still hoping, in time, to be able to adopt

Councils Reports:

WBOPDC – W Alchorne reported that the mulch at Cooney Reserve will be made available to the public. Also mentioned the availability of WBOPDC grants for 2016/17.                             

BOPRC – no report received.

Election of Executive Officers: Norm Bruning [Chairman], Phil Gall [Treasurer], Murray Grainger and Karen Loten were unanimously elected.

Guest speaker: Marny Bradley gave a potted history of the formation and development of OEMI.

General Business:

The walkway from Omokoroa to Plummers Point was discussed. It is now part completed and WBOPDC has an allocation to do more work this financial year.

The cycleway to Tauranga was discussed and WBOP Councilor Garry Webber reported that NZR now appear willing to have walkways attached to their bridges but numerous resource land consents are awaited.

OEMI will endeavor to find ways to attract younger members to its ranks.

Apologies: Wayne Alchorne, Donna Watchman, Katrina Browne, Jo Gravit, Paul Stewart, Marny Bradley. Accepted: Norm/Phil

Attendance: Norm Bruning, Phil Gall, Karen Loten, Murray Grainger, Jan Mayston, Fran Ashley, Don Cameron, Joslyn Hicks, Josie Law, Alan & Wendy Fox.

Minutes of last meeting: Accepted as read. Accepted: Don/Alan Matters Arising: Group Leaders once again reminded that their reports are to be e-mailed to Murray for the Web-Site.

Finance: ANZ Bank Deposit $6092.39 and $25.00 Petty Cash. Murray to claim web-site costs from WBDC Accepted: Phil/Wendy

Correspondence: Inward: Invitation from Katrina Browne of BOPRC to attend “In Safe Hands” on equipment Safety. As OEMI no longer regularly uses mechanical equipment no one attended from OEMI]

Outward: E-mail to Ian Loten thanking him for his work on bird signage. Accepted: Fran/Karen

Group Reports: Will be posted on web-site but items discussed are noted below. Bird Life: Cooney Reserve area below the viewing platform may be best place in NZ to see Banded Rail .

Public Art: No report received.

History: Omokoroa History book is now sold out. Display of historic photos proposed for later this year.

Crapp Res: ANZAC Day Service again held on the 25 April 2016 had similar numbers to last year. Consideration is being given for a war memorial and ideas are requested.

Bruntwood: Weed spraying and pest control continuing. Exotic tree removal and native planting being considered.

Cooney Res: WBDC has done no recent work on ginger and tobacco plant control. Rabbit numbers appear to be low at present.

Pest Control: Rat numbers could be on the rise after our warm Autumn and the outcome of a count is awaited. Josie now considers dogs are becoming pests and must be better controlled and policed in all areas.

Estuary Care: Norm reported that BOPRC have engaged Contractors to remove remaining Mangroves under the OEMI Resource Consent on the Eastern side of Mangawhai Inlet.

Council Reports: None received.

Community Board: Don Cameron reported that an updated Omokoroa Development Plan is being worked on. The meeting unanimously agreed that this was a priority. (Refer Reserves item below)

OEMI Web-site: Murray reported that the site is going well and he looks forward to receiving e-mailed Group Reports.

General Business:

Cellphone Tower: No decision yet on siting.

Reserves: WBDC proposal for the sale and development of Omokoroa Reserves was considered by the meeting to be premature and should await an updated Omokoroa Development Plan. OEMI supports the submission arising from the recent Omokoroa public meeting and will make a similar submission to the WBDC by the 15 June 2016. Moved Phil/ Seconded Karen.

Martin Roigard: OEMI deeply regrets the passing of Martin whose support and hard work was much appreciated, particularly during the early days of manual mangrove clearing.

Next Meeting: 2-00pm at the Settlers Hall on Tuesday 13 September 2016 [AGM]