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Friends of Cooney Reserve

A small group of volunteers continue to meet on the first Wednesday of the month to release trees from Kikuyu grass and keep on top of the Tobacco and wild ginger weeds. The cycle way has recently been upgraded and the muddy section filled with metal. It is heartening to see the huge numbers on the new cycleway, of bikers, walkers and dog walkers. The new dog exercise signage is working to inform dog owners to keep their dogs on leads while on cycleway, unfortunately we are increasingly finding doggy doo bags flung into the trees. Rubbish bins are required as the nearest available bin is in Beach Grove. Toilet facility in Cooney reserve would also be appreciated.

Jan Mayston

It is heartening to see so many visitors, both locals and visitors using Cooney Reserve over the holidays. 5 campervans have enjoyed the area over this last, long, weekend.

Recently a Willow branch fell and broke the top off a Pohutukawa. Kind neighbours released the Pohutukawa the next day and council dealt with the remaining mess 10 days later.

Although the fence lines have been sprayed there is an ongoing issue with morning glory and kikuyu smothering trees.

Safety on the driveway is still a concern. This being a multi-use driveway and with increased numbers of people using it, maybe a footpath is needed as well as the roadway.

Rubbish bins are needed, the closest bin is Beach Grove.

There is a conflict of interest with motorbikes and horses traversing the bird reserve area. Either it is a bird area or motorbike and horse exercise area. Dogs on a lead signs on cycleway are needed.

Jan Mayston

The Cooney Reserve workers meet the first Wednesday of the month and are continuing to remove weeds and cut back the kikuyu that is strangling trees.

Several acts of vandalism and rubbish disposal have been reported. One was reported to the police, as the supermarket docket was found along with the empty booze bottles. Hopefully the police followed up with security camera to id them.

Rubbish bins and toilets are needed in Cooney Reserve, as it is now being used more often by campervans as well as park and walk visitors.

Ginger and Tobacco unfortunately continue to flourish untreated by the council.

On the last walk through the reserve the rabbit count was nil.

We did find two sets of dog prints along the beach within the dog exclusion zone. Maybe more signage is needed here.

Vegetation needs to be trimmed back on the footpaths along Omokoroa Road. The vegetation in places consumes half the footpath area.

Sadly A mature Pohutukawa was recently removed along the Esplanade to Beech grove walkway.

With a small, but hardworking team, we have achieved great work in Cooney reserve this year. We continue to keep the pathways clear and remove the weeds such as Tobacco and ginger. With small numbers and no support from the council, it is difficult to carry on. It is disheartening when trees and natives planted are damaged or killed by Council contract spaying. If Gallant was used instead of Glyphosate, the competitive grasses would be killed leaving the natives unaffected.

The Rat bait line through Cooney Reserve is continuing to be maintained regularly.

I now have 4 Tims possum traps which are effective around the district.

I have observed fresh rabbit scratchings in the reserve so an annual or 6 monthly night shoot would be advantageous.

The speed of traffic entering Cooney Reserve is cause of concern. As this entry point is used by cyclist, walkers and dogs, as well as vehicles, then a lower speed limit or caution signage is requested.

With increased usage of the car park area now, it is time to plan for rubbish bins to be installed and serviced, as well as the provision of toilets.

With the new dog Laws being implemented on 14 October I trust that there will be increased signage, on the foreshore, to inform the public of the new laws.

Jan Mayston

It was embarrassing for the citizens of Omokoroa peninsular to see our reserves with such long grass over the summer holiday period. I photographed Bas in waist high grass at one end of Cooney reserve with the rest of the reserve with knee high grass. Sadly I heard a comment from one family that the grass was too long to picnic. We would like to have the grass growth in the reserves more closely monitored especially during the holiday periods and when weather conditions are conducive to rapid growth.

Our bird sign on the viewing platform was damaged by vandals and has been removed for repair.

Fish skeletons have littered Cooney reserve shoreline several times when fishermen have filleted their fish and left the debris to decompose. Motor bikes and push bikes continue to go through the gate and across the sand spit disturbing the bird roosting area.

One working bee was rained out, but a lot was achieved during the other working bees. 56 new Tobacco trees were removed and the flower head of several clumps of ginger removed to stop them seeding. Some trees were released from the kikuyu and the fence line exposed. We continue to keep the pathway clear of foliage so that the whole path can be used by cyclists and walkers without being poked or scratched.

Erosion and rabbits are still a concern. The big warren treated previously has resurfaced and the new warren identified continues to live on. Nothing has been done to combat the erosion to date. 11 more possums have been disposed of.

Sadly two of the Pohutukawa planted and staked last season, have been killed by spray and weed eater damage. Another Pohutukawa with spray damage I think will survive.

I would like to have the council keep the footpaths around Omokoroa clear of foliage as I have biked around trees taking up half of the path width. We wish to encourage cyclists in our area, not discourage them with dangerous branches poking out to catch them.

Along the walkway from Beach grove to The Esplanade the Ivy and Jasmine are taking hold and consuming large trees there. This area has been cleared in the past but sadly maintenance has not been kept up and the weeds are taking over again.

We have a working bee on the first Wednesday morning of the month. All helpers welcome.