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Public Art Group

Our major achievement in the last few months of 2019 was the installation, in October, and public unveiling and blessing, in December, of He Punga: The Anchor Stone, a stunning sculpture by Ashley Grant, on the foreshore of the Omokoroa Domain.

It is fitting at this point to acknowledge the leadership of Janine Birch, as Chairperson of OPAG since its inception in 2010. Janine has been tireless in leading the planning and overseeing the implementation of three significant public art works in the Omokoroa community: The wrought iron panels at Western Ave, The Omokoroa Lizard, and He Punga-The Anchor Stone.

Janine continues to be a member of OPAG in 2020, with Alie Henderson now taking the role of Chairperson, and we welcome two new faces to the group: Ashley Grant, and John Evans.

Current projects include a replacement for our Lizard, which was sadly stolen last year. We have consulted with all those involved in the original sculpture, and we are currently working on a new design for a replacement sculpture. We have had generous offers of sponsorship and support from the local Omokoroa community, and we hope to have a new Lizard in place as soon as possible.

We are actively working on two other projects, in association with Western Bay of Plenty District Council: a sculpture which we hope will be placed at the entrance to the new Cycleway in Cooney Reserve, and a mural which we hope will be painted on the changing sheds at the Omokoroa Domain, as part of the new playground development.

We have now completed a Strategic Plan for Public Art in Omokoroa, which will inform future projects, and we are working with Western Bay of Plenty District Council staff to ensure that public art works are an integral part of the planning for the continued development of Omokoroa.

Alie Henderson, Chairperson, Omokoroa Public Art Group

On the 31st of May Omokoroa's Lizard was reported stolen, apparently overnight All efforts have been made by many to find it, with no results so far. The carver Warwick Lilley has suggested a steel cutout using the same pattern and design. This idea is being investigated now.

The site for the installation of the Anchor Stone sculpture has been decided upon, to the satisfaction of OPAG, sculptor Ashley Grant, and Peter Watson and Ashley Hall from the WBOPDC. It will be near the revamped children’s playground, on the seaward site of the path.

The Council has agreed to accepting ownership of all Public Art in Omokoroa, with OPAG maintaining a supportive and advisory role. Therefore progress on both the Lizard and Anchor Stone will be directed through the Council. No more fundraising, installation concerns or maintenance by OPAG.

Chairperson Janine Birch

The committee has progressed steadily this year towards the completion of our next piece of Public Art on the Omokoroa Peninsula. This is to be an Anchor Stone sculpture at the end of the peninsula, near the Omokoroa Boat Club.

We have several applications for grants in the pipeline at present and hope that if they are successful we will have enough money to cover this project. We are trying to avoid going to the Omokoroa community for funds as local residents were very generous previously, with donations towards the Lizard sculpture. However, we would not say no if any private individuals would like to contribute!

It is our hope that the sculpture will be in place before the end of the year.

Janine Birch

This year has seen slow progress towards the completion of our third sculpture along Omokoroa Road.

We found and engaged sculptor Ashley Grant to develop our idea of an anchor stone at the point of the peninsula, and turn it into a reality. However, finding a suitable stone proved very difficult and we finally decided on a chunk of Hinuera stone. This met with the approval of the local iwi. There was then a long wait before Hinuera Natural Stone Ltd excavated to the level of dura stone, which is extra hard and best suited to our needs. In February Ashley took delivery of the stone, already cut to basic shape, with generous and free help from Omokoroa Carriers.

At this stage, the carving is almost finished, some rope work will be done around the hole, and all being well, a possible installation and unveiling by Aug/Sept. (I do note I anticipated at last AGM completion by the end of 2017! Good things take time!).

We have received several grants, including a generous one from Legacy Trust, and have up to $3000 from WBOPDC if needed. We held a cake stall recently to raise money for miscellaneous expenses such as repairs and maintenance, Council levies etc.

Major repair work had to be carried out on the Lizard. It had developed a patch of rot on it's left forelimb. This was very ably taken care of by local man Peter Passfield. A closer watch will be kept on the Lizard from now on.

We wish to note the death in March of valued committee member, Margaret Hooton.

Janine Birch


Our lizard project at the corner of Omokoroa Road and SH2 has been the major focus for the Omokoroa Public Art Group. It was completed successfully by April 2016 and ceremonially blessed and unveiled on April 10th.

We were entered into the 2016 WBOP Community Awards and came first in the Arts and Culture section, winning $500 in prize money. Our entry was based on the lizard sculpture.

We applied for and received a grant of $1000 from The Centre, Omokoroa, to go towards our next project. That project is in the planning stages. We intend to place an anchor stone sculpture at the point of the peninsula. We have chosen a sculptor and at present are deciding what form the sculpture will take, and we are obtaining the required permission to plant it somewhere on council land.

Janine Birch