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OEMI Minutes

Welcome by Chair Murray Grainger

Present – M Grainger, C Cleaver, C Cole, R Goodman, G Taylor, A Henderson, C Wright, M Bradley, F Ashley, A
Hughes, N Bruning, S White, W Allchorne, T Winter

Apologies – H Reynolds, G Ayo, D Cameron, J Mayston Bruning / Bradley

Minutes of Previous AGM circulated                                                               Wright / Cole

Matters Arising :

  • J Holyoake resignation during the year
  • F Ashley resignation acknowledgement and thank you
  • Questions of number of groups within OEMI with Marney Bradley explaining the history of OEMI since it’s inception in 2008.

Chairman’s Report circulated                                                                      Grainger / Bruning

Member Organisation Group (MOG) reports circulated
Local Authority Report – Wayne Allchorne spoke of his role at Council leading on to the appointment of Steve White and explained his role. Jose Law’s ongoing Pest Free work and knowledge leading to such great work.
Steve White reported -
- Utility Station for bikes, Cooney Reserve toilet installation, J Swap works
- Signs and arrows for cycleway & pathway areas alongside golf course.             Henderson / Taylor

Financial Statements as circulated – Cash Book, Income and Expenses, MOG Trial Balance presented including the Financial Review Statement carried out by F Murdoch.

  • C Cole queried where all the money comes from, explained by Murray.
  • G Taylor queried the power outlet at the Cairn in the Crapp Reserve – to be discussed next meeting.
  • Discussion regarding the website report, Cyberlink and Omokoroa Beach NZ site by Murray needing to be upgraded/discontinued?
  • Murray has received a further 5 enquiries for seats, Community Board to fund seats in the bus shelters?

                                                                                                                                   Goodman / Cole
Correspondence In – letter of resignation from F Ashley tabled                             Grainger / Winter

Election of Officers
Nomination received for Chairman from M Grainger to appoint Roger Goodman.- Roger Goodman duly appointed as Chairman                                                                                                                 Grainger / Cleaver
Secretary/Treasurer – H Reynolds with assistant C Cole
Deputy Chair – N Bruning
Executive Committee – T Winter, C Cleaver, C Cole, M Bradley, A Hughes                    Grainger / Cleaver

General Business

  • Thank you to Fran Ashley – Wayne Allchorne acknowledged the work Fran has done over the years especially with good communication of OEMI matters. …….A round of applause for Fran.
  • C Cole proposing to approach Council Utilities to plant, clean up and start a Neighbourhood Group for the Precious Reserve walkway/Omokoroa Estate/Western Ave area. W Allchorne explained how to set up and be successful.

Meeting closed 4.20pm followed by a cuppa and cake – thank you for attending

It is with great pleasure and, I am sure, a huge sigh of relief on Jan’s part, that we can finally
declare the first seating project complete.

We began with a target of 10, then one more popped up at the last minute making the project 11. Then a couple more suddenly appeared and the end result was 13 seats offering a wonderful array of vistas and resting spots around our peninsula paradise. Our special thanks to Jan and all the donors of these community assets.

The final figures for the project were:

 Donations   $27,000.00 
 Purchase 11 seats   $17,155.00
 Installation - 11 seats   $12,343.36
 Plaques, screws - 11 seats   $533.15
 Purchase, install extra 2 seats  $5,402.54
 Total   $35,434.05
Average installed cost per seat.  $2,766.71
Shortfall funded by Community Board  $8,434.05

The creation of the TOLO group and their addition to OEMI as a MOG has provided a great resource for the community, giving a new life to the old library premises. OEMI has signed a lease with Western Bay Council for this space so we now have an official OEMI headquarters.

Other MOGs have contributed and are using the space to display information about their activities and this is a great way to let the community know about the work that goes on behind the scenes.

Omokoroa continues to be privileged to benefit from some government largess that has enabled the completion of the golf course bund as a fabulous new walkway and the Kaimai Views stormwater pond, Puna Rua, and surrounds are rapidly developing as an environmental haven. 

I have enjoyed my time as chairman over the past five years but it is time for some new ideas and new perspectives. I am happy to remain on the exec and contribute where I can.

As a special treat, I will avoid the use of “unprecedented” and “new normal” to refer to the past year.

The changes around our little piece of paradise have been significant and will continue to be so given recent Government funding announcements.

The completion of the cycleway/walkway to the Wairoa River has been a major advance and the massive increase in use of that resource has been very obvious to us all. A recent Sunday saw over 850 people pass one of the counters on the route. It is worthwhile to note that this $13 million project has cost the ratepayers only $2 million.

The increased use of this community asset has given great impetus to the seats project and Jan needs to take the credit for pushing this along and achieving what has been achieved given Covid lockdowns and Council processes - which never seem to go as fast as we would hope.

Nevertheless, of the 11 donated seats, 7 are in place with three very close and one waiting for summer to allow drier ground for vehicular access to install. There is a possibility of three more donated seats.

This year is a Long Term Plan year at Council and OEMI will be asked to attend a workshop to discuss community needs and aspirations with regard to the four wellbeings: Cultural, Economic, Social and Environmental. Obviously, I cannot represent OEMI at this event as I have to be an impartial observer listening to the community’s wishes. We thus need to agree on an appointee to attend on Friday 9 Oct, 2 - 4:30 pm.

The Government funding of $14 million for infrastructure in Omokoroa has to be matched by $14 million from Council. Several projects that were planned for a few years in the future will, therefore, be brought forward. Thus the roundabouts at Prole Road and Flounder Drive will be built, Prole Road and Western Ave will be urbanised as will Omokoroa Road from Prole Road to the Kaimai Views roundabout.

We will get four (probably) pedestrian bridges across the railway and the cycleway/walkway will be extended to Pahoia with a new bridge over the Waipapa River near the end of Prole Road. Hopefully the walkway bund along the Golf Course will also be finished.

There are exciting times especially when we see the environmental standard of development of stormwater systems, walkways and planting that will become the norm as the Stage Three structure plan development begins to take shape.

Monday 24 August 2020 1pm at Omokoroa Settlers Hall

Welcome Chair Murray Grainger welcomed everyone to this OEMI 2020 AGM

Apologies Barbara Bradley – received over tea. M Grainger / H Reynolds

Present M Grainger, R Goodman, A Henderson, C & J Cole, J Holyoake, C Cleaver, C Wright, M Bradley, F Ashley, G Ayo, W Allchorne, T Winter, D Cameron, S White, H Light, J Law, H Reynolds

Minutes of Previous AGM 2019 taken as read via email M Grainger / N Bruning – carried

Treasurer’s Report H Reynolds presented the Financial Report taken as read via email/at this meeting also. The Accounts Review Report by B Rawcliffe was read and accepted as a true and accurate record. It was noted $20,600 was received for the Cycleway/Walkway seating project. Very little activity otherwise.  F Ashley / H Reynolds – carried

Chairman’s Report taken as read via email. Murray spoke of the Workshop being held by Council covering the four wellbeings: cultural, economic, social and environmental. OEMI will be invited. Thanks to Alie Henderson, Roger Goodman and Janine Holyoake for volunteering to attend on 9 October. More info to follow.

Omokoroa Estuary Managers Group – Regional Council to engage contractors to meet/walk the area from Cooney Reserve and the Bridge to view mangroves. OEMI was mentioned in the Parliament paper “Managing our Estuaries” Cooney Reserve itself relies on volunteers to cover this area of mangroves.

Bird Group – Chrissie Cleaver spoke to the bird board being created for the Godwits and the replacement of a damaged board. Bird Group has funds available. Steven White spoke of the formation of the area to accommodate this board and walkers/cyclists to move off the path and plantings. The Omokoroa Bowls Club hold an annual tournament to welcome the Godwits back in September. Suggestion for all clubs to do likewise, possible club fundraiser for this exciting event in Omokoroa. May be in the future a “Godwit Festival”??

Omokoroa Public Art Group (OPAG) The group is having discussions with WBOPDC for the next sculpture to be placed in the Cooney Reserve. Happy to be informed by Wayne Allchorne there is a log of black walnut available for a sculpture of some sort. This will be in conjunction with others in the community.

All reports: D Cameron / C Wright – carried

Regional Council Norm Bruning report received via email.

WBOPDC Wayne Allchorne introduced and welcomed Steve White and Glenn Ayo. Both key players in our community with Council works. Wayne stressed the importance of reporting problems by phone to Council or make a Service Report online then the problem can become part of the statistics to focus on problem areas, ie safety of walkers/cyclists, rubbish, maintenance, etc. In particular the issues on the cycleway, handled between Tauranga Council, WBOPDC, NZTA, Iwi and Kiwi Rail.

Murray spoke of the funds available now to continue with the cycleway/walkway to Pahoia.

Pest Free Omokoroa Josie spoke of the importance of the WBOPDC support for the 70+ volunteers who monitor the rat bait stations.

Correspondence In

  • Request from “The Old Library Group” to become a Member Organisation Group  T Winter / N Bruning – carried
  • Email request from Sandra Alton of OPS Enviro Team to join in activities with OEMI – Heather to contact Sandra and refer to Jan Mayston for project of planting in the Reserve.

Election of Chairman - M Grainger to remain – unopposed N Bruning / D Cameron - carried
Election of Secretary/Treasurer - H Reynolds to remain – unopposed D Cameron / F Ashley – carried
Executive Members - T Winter, N Bruning, M Bradley to remain – unopposed
New Executive members - C Cleaver, J Holyoake H Reynolds / M Grainger – carried

General Business

  • Fran is to round up the photos and videos, etc with the History Group and will then have sent to Katikati Archives at the Library.
  • The Website is not fully up-to-date. There are very few hits. Murray suggests it is now old hat and more current avenues are used, ie Facebook, Cyberlink. Lizard News.
  • Golf Course shore retaining is to receive another boost of funds to enable completion. Gary Ellis WBOPDC is in charge
  • Bird Books $5 each 4 boxes available still. To be distributed to schools, Library, Real Estate Agents, Churches. Possibly in some circumstances for a donation.

Meeting closed 2.10pm followed by afternoon tea

Thank you all for your attendance

Minutes of Omokoroa Environmental Managers Inc (OEMI) 5 March 2020

Welcome to everyone especially to new OPAG Chair Alie Henderson

Present                Murray Grainger, Alie Henderson, Jan Mayston, Fran Ashley, Marney Bradley, Don Cameron, Trish  Winter, Norm Bruning, Chris Wright, Josie Law, Wayne Allchorne, Heather Reynolds

Apology               Steven White WBOPDC Team Leader of Operations          Grainger / Bruning

Previous Minutes of Special meeting 19 February 2019 emailed following event / points noted as Matters arising:

  • Rule change – correction to satisfy the Companies Office
  • Moth plan/kapok vine discussion – Council Ranger has visited and noted areas of concern
  • Precious Reserve work – to be started when Golf course coastal retention completed. There is a concern that Precious Reserve is now being used as dog off lead area with signs being removed and owners not picking up after dogs. Wayne suggested checking out the Bylaws online and the upcoming annual plan with community opportunity for feedback.

Grainger / Wright

Financial Heather noted the following:

  • Seating Donations/Grants to date $16,600
  • Interest rec’d $11.27
  • 1 payment of $61.60 for Common Seal stamp
  • Bank Balance as at 5/3/20 $23,181.64
  • Other MOG figures quoted as at Feb 2019 Reynolds / Mayston

Member Operating Groups (MOG) Reports – see attached


General Business

  • Fran Ashley has a considerable amount of historical archive material, including photos over the years. Discussion of where to keep archive material of the peninsula with options of the History Group, New / Old Library buildings, Western BOPDC and Tauranga Council. Suggestions to be investigated with Fran, Marney and Chris assisting.
  • Seating – The seats have arrived and are in storage ready to go. Wayne has arranged a Council van seating 9 to gather on 20 March at 9am starting at Western Ave. Meeting with Downers and the proposed sites will be visited, marked out and positions confirmed before concrete slabs are poured. Plaques are to be confirmed for donor residents and businesses. The cost could be offset by the skate restrictors not being used. There was discussion about the restrictors not being used, but Wayne is dealing with Streetscape who assures him there not being the need. Location of most not being next to concrete pathway (Skatepark now also very popular).
  • Murray tabled his missive (see attached)

Discussion about getting Dept of Corrections to come out and assist with bigger jobs with the need for supervision and provision of hire toilet and morning teas? There is a lot of smaller community based work ie weeding, trimming, collecting litter. Suggested that the community should have ownership of their peninsula and OEMI could handle the co-ordinating of groups. As happens currently with Cooney and Crapp Reserve working bees. Trish noted that a successful community tidy up event has occurred in the past. OEMI could co-ordinate through Cyberlink, etc.

  • Rabbits have become a problem again and are being dealt with by contractors where necessary.
  • Cycle/Walkway problems with inconsiderate cyclists. Request for more signage. Wayne suggested online Service Requests be posted.
  • Cooney Reserve needs a toilet. There are signs of toilet litter being left. Apparently toilet facility is included in the Long Term Plan.
  • Timber slats on the sides of the gravel walkway are disintegrating and need attention again a Service Request required.
  • WBOPDC letter re Community Fund tabled
  • Letter from IRD and Companies Office re online development updates
  • As Wayne is moving onto another position, he will bring Steven White to the next OEMI meeting. Possibly May/June and include cuppa and cake to thank and farewell Wayne.

Meeting closed 4.30pm

Thank you all for your attendanc


ANZAC -  Liz Farrell
The planning for Anzac Day 2020 is underway with the Omokoroa Community gathering being organised by Matthew and Liz Farrell.

This year there will be just the one event: the dawn service. We will be offering milo and Anzac biscuits and a sausage sizzle/breakfast afterwards. Details of refreshments are still to be confirmed but should be sorted in time for the Lizard News to be published in early April.

We will apply to the Community Board for a grant to cover the cost of refreshments and possible hire of the scout marquee, as very few other costs should be incurred.

We continue to be grateful for the support of OEMI in handling our finances.

Omokoroa History Group – Chris Wright

Two of the three projects mentioned in my August report have been completed: replacement photos for those faded ones in a large frame at Omokoroa Point School and assistance at the student reunion in October. The farming project is more time-consuming and is on-going. After an approach from Sandra Haigh at the Katikati Library archives, Chris and Warwick Wright were involved in a day history trip of the local area (Plummers Point to Katikati) for the Pahoia School staff. Recent speakers Maree Lewis of Founders Society and Norm Bruning gave a potted history of land use 1867-2020.

Omokoroa Public Art Group – Alie Henderson

Our major achievement in the last few months of 2019 was the installation, in October, and public unveiling, in December, of Te Punga: The Anchor Stone, a stunning sculpture by Ashley Grant, on the foreshore of the Omokoroa Domain. 

It is fitting at this point to acknowledge the leadership of Janine Birch, as Chairperson of OPAG since its inception in 2010. Janine has been tireless in leading the planning and overseeing the implementation of three significant public art works in the Omokoroa community: The wrought iron panels at Western Ave, The Omokoroa Lizard, and Te Punga-The Anchor Stone. 

Janine continues to be a member of OPAG in 2020, with Alie Henderson now taking the role of Chairperson, and we welcome two new faces to the group: Ashley Grant, and John Evans.

Current projects include a replacement for our Lizard, which was sadly stolen last year. Discussions with all those involved in the original sculpture, and with Omokoroa ITM (who have generously offered considerable sponsorship for a replacement sculpture) are underway, and we hope to have a new Lizard in place as soon as possible.

We are actively working on two other projects, in association with Western Bay of Plenty District Council: a sculpture which we hope will be placed at the intersection of Tralee Street and Omokoroa Road, and a mural which we hope will be painted on the changing sheds at the Omokoroa Domain, as part of the new playground development. We are delighted that Becks Chambers (WBOPDC) is now acting as our liaison person for all council-related matters, and she has already provided great support in event planning and in discussions with WBOPDC.

We are also in conversation with Phillip Martelli (WBOPDC) to ensure that public art works are an integral part of the planning for the continued development of Omokoroa.

Omokoroa Pest Free / Birds – Josie Law

Pest Free volunteers have been kept busy. With the record sheets coming in, reflecting this, all showing continuing, consistent high rat kills all along our outside protective line and very little activity in the centre of the peninsula.

Residents are regularly reporting good bird presence and many different bird sightings. A very special report came from near Acacia Park where Kereru were sighted this summer and hearing a Bellbird singing for almost a month. While walking the paper road between the Estate and Western Ave sightings of groups of Quail, with several adults and young. Tui numbers have risen and they are now heard and seen over most of the peninsula, also around the school area Morepork can be heard every day. Fantails and Silver Eyes have returned to gardens with their young – all this is a great backup indicator to add to our annual Trakka Box results that showed a low 6-7% of rat population.


Murray’s missive

There are many here who love our peninsula and the simple fact is that we will never pay enough rates to afford a parks and reserves contractor who actually cares about the result. Mow the big areas, weed whack a few bits, kill the odd newly planted tree while doing so, and move along to the next park.

We have the Cooney Reserve gang, the Crapp Reserve team and that is about it.  I attempted to empower people to work on the cycleway in their own time but it seems that the only way to get stuff done is via working bees.

If we had a regular working bee that roved the whole area we might get more participants.  One session at Precious Reserve, the next at the walkway and planting around Kaimai Views, next time the cycleway, etc etc wherever a need is seen.  Pick the rubbish, remove the mothplant, trim the weeds or whatever.

It would need a coordinator and then publicity with Lizard, Facebook, Cyberlink etc

We could involve Steven White, from WBPDC (Wayne's replacement for this area) 

Might be weekday, might be weekend - up to the organiser.The name for the flying squad of weeders/tidiers?  "Omokoroa Lovers."