Soon after the March OEMI meeting NZ went into lockdown and the History Group's two-monthly meetings were not possible. The planned April AGM for the History Group was deferred and finally held in late July. Office holders and committee members have remained unchanged: Chairperson Chris Wright, Secretary Jo Cameron and Treasurer Don Cameron.

Research for the planned book on farming in Omokoroa since the dividing up of the Gellibrand/Crapp farm continued, with reminder emails to descendants of early farming families. Val Hale and Maureen Bruning have taken over some of this chasing up work.

Barry Luckman has been busy writing a series of personal memories of being a member of the Volunteer Fire Brigade in its early days which he plans to compile into a booklet along with photos.

Colin Pettigrew has continued, despite failing eyesight, to compile videos, with one on the people of Prole Road being made up from photos from Ina Allan's photograph album. He has also scanned and printed largely newspaper articles from scrapbooks compiled over the years by both Ina Allan and Delcie Severinson.

The importance of not throwing away early photos has been brought home to us with enquiries for photos to do with the early boat club and regatta days for a collage of photos for the Boat Club. Colin Pettigrew continues to be called upon for photos, the most recent being for the Bird Group – godwit signage for the Cooney Reserve-Lynley park walkway/cycleway.

We have initiated a reprint of the “Omokoroa” book (Jenny Woods and Colin Pettigrew) after frequent requests for this. We have worked to remove errors that showed up in the initial print runs, have asked Kale for a quote, and have applied to the Centre for a grant to assist with this.

Chris Wright -  Omokoroa History Group Chair