On the 7th September we held we held a very successful History evening in the Settlers’ Hall We had a series of pictures of the early history of Omokoroa on display boards and Colin Pettigrew showed several DVDs of local history he had made which brought back many memories and caused some laughs. We had no idea how many people would attend and were amazed when over 150 people turned up. People chatted over supper and seemed to enjoy themselves. There is certainly a desire by many newcomers to the area to learn more about the district they have recently moved to.

We now have the pictures at Omokoroa Point School so the teachers and children can look at them this week.

Chris Wright has been busy this year writing more history articles for the Omelette especially about early bach life in the 1940’s and 1950’s in Omokoroa and these have been very well received by the readers.

We have also had some interesting speakers to our History Group meetings including Richard Hart, Julie Green from The Elms and Tommy Wilson from Te Puna. We look forward to hearing Anne van Leeuwin talk about building her house and the ventures of the Boy Roel at the time of the nuclear tests at Mururoa.

We hope next year to be able to provide more permanent historic picture resources for the local school.

Jocelyn Hicks