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Friends of the Crapp Reserve

The last 12 months have been relatively quiet as far as work in the reserve is concerned.

Some weeding and tidying up of fallen branches has taken place. Unfortunately council contractors, using weed killer carelessly have killed some of the planting done a few years ago . They have lessened our weeding work but left bare patches where there were plants. Unfortunately this was not noticed until some months later. It has proved impossible to look after new plants and it is only due to good wet weather that they will survive. Future plantings are not proposed.

The main item to be completed in the reserve done by the Anzac Committee was the memorial cairn which was all done and ready for Anzac 2018. I think this years commemoration was the best yet with about 400 people attending the Dawn Service. Well done to Heather Reynolds, Liz Farrell &; Alison Badger for their work re the Cairn and the Anzac Dawn Service.

The Anzac Committee have also planted a memorial Puriri Tree in the reserve.

It is now six years since the Gellibrand carving was completed and understandably some minor deterioration is occurring with cracks opening up on his beard &; feet which has allowed water to enter & a small amount of rot occurring.

My special thanks goes to Peter Passfield for his work in repairing any damage and keeping the statue in good condition.

Also thanks to our small band of volunteers and the support of Western Bay District Council.

Don Cameron


Once again further slips have occurred on the banks, and more trees have fallen towards or into the sea. I guess this will be a continuing problem with the soft geology of the soil coupled with heavy rain so continuing discussions with Council will be necessary but know they are loathe to do much unless there is a risk to private property.

We continue to weed and tidy up some of the areas up the track from the slip on occasions and remove wind fallen branches after bad weather.

The most exciting thing is that the Anzac group are well advanced in having a memorial erected in the reserve in the vicinity of where a temporary cairn was placed for our Anzac dawn services during the last three years. The project has the blessing of DOC, Tangata Whenua and Council. Quotes have been obtained and cost is estimated to get up towards $15K. The group has been busy raising funds and applying for grants to obtain the money required. It is hoped the memorial will be completed before Christmas and all ready well before Anzac 2018.

Don Cameron

Further weeding around the Coprosma & Hebes has been undertaken in the school holidays just to keep these areas reasonably tidy without taking away the reserve look on the path up from the slip. Now that winter is slowly ending a further working bee will be held in the forthcoming school holidays.

The idea to construct some seats by the Gellibrand carving from the slabs taken off the felled eucalyptus tree is proving difficult due to the hardness of the timber and the demise of Murray Crapp but the idea is still a worthy one worth pursuing.

Peter Passfield’s voluntary assistance to maintain the Gellibrand statue and prevent moisture deteriorating the yacht inside the Perspex cover is greatly appreciated. He is also looking after the lizard at the Omokoroa entrance off SH2. Thank you Peter.

Rabbits and Opposums continue to be a problem in the reserve at times but regular controlled shoots under the guidance of Council keeps the numbers down.

The Dawn service on Anzac Day was again a great success, attended by some 300 people. The work by the anzac committee and the scouts was greatly appreciated. A temporary cairn was erected but plans for a permanent structure for future years is being progressed with Council and it is hoped this will be completed for the 2017 event.

In recent weeks arborists have tidied up and opened up the area near the Gellibrand statue by selective pruning. They have also removed dangerous branches off some of the older trees on the Western side of the reserve.

Once again I wish to thank the volunteers that have assisted at working bees and the support of the Western Bay District Council to improve the reserve and make it a valuable asset to locals and visitors.

Don Cameron