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Bird Group

Took part in a National Wader Count on Saturday, birds of interest were 4x New Zealand Dotterel (1x at Peach Point 3x at Cooney), 35 Banded Dotterel and 164 Godwits on the Tinopai Sandbar.

It would appear that some of our birds have got their seasons mixed up (or perhaps it is the lovely weather we have had), late March sited a Mallard Duck with 6 chicks at Peach Point, saw them again early April spread all over the No.8 fairway. They had obviously found their legs and were well away from mother. Early May a pair of Plovers had 3 chicks in Precious Reserve. Some of the N.Z. Dotterel we have seen are in breeding colours. Will keep an eye on them in case they breed early.

We saw a Pheasant in Cooney Reserve, on the same day a small shark in Cooney lagoon - not a bird but interesting just the same. We have seen and heard Fernbirds in Cooney between the boardwalk and the viewing platform.

For those who are interested there are two Black Fronted Dotterel at Athenree Wetlands. Suggest you take your gumboots if going for a look.

Mid May there were 9 Royal Spoonbills on Tinopai Sandbar (thanks Murray), we had seen them earlier well out to sea the tide must have pushed them onto the sandbar. A great sight from the back of Murray’s house.

9 Royal Spoonbills on Tinopai sandbar May 2016

During the last month the new Cooney sign has been purchased and erected. Many thanks to Ian Loten for the work he put in removing the old and fitting the new sign.

N.Z. Dotterels nested in late November (very late), two eggs, one egg disappeared in early January, the second a week later. No chicks this year.

This year our overseas waders appeared to be low in numbers, would be interested to hear if anybody else has noticed this. Normally on Tinopai Sandbar, in the first week of March there about 5,000 plus godwits, this year the most we counted 2,000 plus.  (Others counted approx 4000 for a few days.)

We have seen Fernbirds in Cooney Reserve and Peach Point, we have not seen or heard any for a number of years. Also at these two sites we have seen Banded Rail and Chicks.

Last month in Omokoroa we saw baby tui, fantail, goldfinch, kingfisher, and Pied Stilts.

Saw a Myna in a group and noticed one had an orange head, have been informed that occasionally Mynas moult for a couple of weeks then the feathers grow again.

A&W Fox

Bird sightings from 8 June to 4 September 2015

08-06 1 x NZ Dotterel at Peach Point

22-06 3 x NZ Dotterel and 2x godwits at Peach Point

23-06 Morepork at Esplanade Walkway, Godwits at Cooney Spit

03-07 20 x Banded Dotterel at Cooney

05-07 2 x NZ Dotterel at Cooney

06-07 2 x NZ Dotterel at Peach Point

16-07 White Heron at Tinopai Ponds, 2x NZ Dotterel at Cooney

          4 x Spur-wing Plover chicks in Precious Reserve

19-07 White Heron at Tinopai, 2x NZ Dotterel with stilts at Cooney

21-07 2 x NZ Dotterel with stilts at Cooney, White Heron still there

03-08 2 x Barbary Doves with one Fantail Pigeon in Estate

03-08 2 x NZ Dotterel At Cooney, Pheasant in farm above Cooney

06-08 2 x NZ Dotterel mating in Cooney

22-08 2 x Banded Rail, 2 x NZ Dotterel at Peach Point

03-09 2 x NZ Dotterel at Peach Point, 2 x Banded Rail in Estuary

04-09 White Heron at Tinopai, 2 x NZ Dotterel at Peach Point

         NZ Dotterel at Cooney have disappeared probably due to people walking dogs along there.


Kotuku (White Heron) arrived approximately 19 July to 11 September

12.09 12 Californian Quail at top of Tinopai steps (have sited many quail on Our walks this spring)

14.09 White tui seen at Whakamarama

18.09 Photographed white tui at Whakamarama (very exciting)

19.09 Pairs at Peach Point - NZ dotterel, mallard Duck, Caspian Tern, Spurwinged Plover and one godwit

20.09 Godwits arrived

21.09 Morepork back in cabbage tree near the Esplanade

24.09 One NZ dotterel at Peach Point

25.09 Paradise Ducks with 7 chicks on pond near Precious Reserve

06.10 2 NZ Dotterel at Peach Point

10.10 Heard first shining cuckoo at Peach Point

11.10 3 NZ Dotterel at Peach Point

16.10 Shining cuckoo in gums trees near Estate vege gardens

18.10 9 Spoonbills off Cooney Reserve

19.10 Spoonbills there again in evening

06.11 2 NZ Dotterel at Peach Point - Have seen both dotterels several times