The Omokoroa Bird Group OEMI, would like to request support to enable a “Flight of the Godwits” sign to be placed on the cycle/walkway between Cooney Reserve and Lynleypark. The sign depicts the Tinopai sand bar covered with thousands of Godwits, and the story of their remarkable flight to Alaska, to breed, and then return non-stop to New Zealand.

The sign is to bring knowledge to locals and visitors of their sanctuary here at our estuary, where they feed and rest from September to March. The sign will not only point out a local attraction, but make people mindfully aware, the estuary is home to many birds, and hopefully will encourage care, not to disturb or pollute their habitat.

The Art work is by locals, Colin Pettigrew and photos by Allan Fox.

We are currently awaiting WBOP Council permission, and a location site re: Steven White Allan Fox and I had a meeting with Steven White on 17 Aug 2020, and we are currently awaiting a report from him. The most promising site will be at the Lynley Park end of the cycle way, in front of the newly placed bench seat, before the first boardwalk starts. This position overlooks the Tinopai sand bar, and has room for bikes to pull off and safely view.

The Omokoroa Bird group would like to request funding for the project from OEMI local funds. We would also like to request funding for replacement of Royal Spoonbill sign as it has been badly damaged. Quotes attached.

Many thanks Christina Cleaver

Godwit Linley Park Sign AAAA2