I am no expert on local Bird matter but here are a few observations:

Black Swans on the Tauranga Harbour.
Large flocks are to be seen on the harbour. They are known to migrate between the Harbour and Rotorua and Waikato Lakes. Claims that there are around 7000 swans are doubtful as that figure has been around for a number of years. Observers claim that numbers are increasing and it certainly seems so. A culling swan drive was held early in the year.

A PHD student is currently investigating how swan grazing on seagrass beds impacts the hydrodynamics and sediment transports in the sea grass beds which may lead to a loss of seagrass beds where heavy grazing occurs.

Canadian Geese are also increasing with their damage occurring on land through grazing pasture in Tauranga, particularly Carmichael Reserve which has a large number.

On the positive side the number of Kaka are increasing. It is believed that with Mayor (Tuhua) Island being predator free now and migration between there and the Kaimai, Kaka are increasing. They are spending some of the winter time here certainly in the rural area. We observe them flying over our farm and roosting in the larger trees. I observed a flock of 12 Kaka on our farm.

It would be great if we had an ornithologist reporting to OEMI.

Norm Bruning