During October took children from Point School to viewing platform where we saw 10 different species of birds, tide not really suitable for viewing. A good place to show youngsters birds and hopefully to get some interested in the birds in Omokoroa.

During November on a walk between Beach Grove and the boardwalk at Tinapai (Cooney Reserve) we saw 2,500 Godwits (estimate), South Island Oyster Catcher, Variable Oyster Catcher, Fantail, Yellow Hammer, Heron, Blackbird, Thrush, Starling, Sparrow, Silver Eye, Tui, Pukeko, Welcome Swallow, Magpie, Black Backed Gull, Black Swan, Mallard Duck, Paradise Duck. Also heard but did not see barbary Dove, Shining Cuckoo, Chaffinch, Pheasant, Grey Warbler. A fantastic number of birds heard and seen on one little walk.

The White Tui was seen in Whakamarama again when the Kowhai were in flower. Yellow Hammer and Chaffinch have been hear and seen more often than usual during our walks. Great to see. Heard Shining Cuckoo but found them very difficult to see. Spotted Dove seen quite often in the area around the Country Estate vegetable gardens. Mallard and Paradise Ducks were seen with their chicks. Banded rail seen both in Cooney and the estuary on the golf course with their babies, some of the chicks were getting quite large, so hopefully the number of these will increase. Many Godwits seen feeding out from Precious Reserve.

The NZ Dotterel laid two clutches of eggs at Peach Point, the first washed away by a high tide and the second the three eggs just disappeared, perhaps Black Backed Gulls or other predators. Variable Oyster Catchers also laid two lots of eggs on the spit at Cooney, not sure what happened to the first clutch but the second, once again, washed away by a high tide. A very unsuccessful breeding season for these birds. For a bird watcher very disappointing.

Allan & Wendy