A very quiet time in the birding world, although the godwits should be arriving back on our shores in a week or two.

The bird signs were all cleaned this week.

On a trip to Katikati saw 30 spoonbills.

56 Little Black Shags rounding up fish off Precious Reserve.

16 Californian Quail on new walkway at the end of Western Avenue.

There were 2 NZ Dotterel (in breeding colours) at Cooney Reserve. Were hoping they would breed there but have seen dogs on the beach along with a horse and they appear to have disappeared.

2 NZ Dotterel at Peach Point (in breeding colours). Perhaps these birds will have more luck, although on the last two visits have not sited them.

In August 1298 godwits on Tinapai Sandbar.

Murray’s mysterious birds: A pair seen walking across lawn. About the size of a quail or large dove. Black fairly long beak. Greyish brown top. Light brown underneath. One quite a bit redder than other (breeding colours?). As they flew off their wings had a white banc at the end with black tips. Any ideas?