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As you are all aware, public events around Anzac commemorations were cancelled due to lockdown.

There was still lots of community spirit as many stood at their mailboxes at 6am, decorating doors etc and several buglers/trumpeters/djsplayed the national anthems.

Luckily the call to cancel public events came before any purchases had been made and so our balance remains as it was.

We may look at doing a low-key event on Armistice Day in November. We hope that we will remain at level one for the foreseeable future, and so 2021 events can carry on. There may be changes due to dwindling numbers in the Omokoroa Pahoia Sea Scouts, which will mean we’ll need more volunteers to help with refreshments.

Our thanks to OEMI for your continued support in holding our accounts and operating as our umbrella.

Liz Farrell

In 2019, the Omokoroa Anzac Group once again held a dawn service at the Crapp Reserve and an 11am service at Omokoroa Point School.

Both events were well attended and positive feedback was received from many members of the community. Due to the small numbers in the Omokoroa Pahoia Sea Scout troop, we had help from volunteers to serve hot drinks at both events, for which we were grateful. We foresee that unless there is a significant upturn in Scout numbers, we will seek volunteer assistance next year also.

Black Sheep restaurant provided a sausage sizzle after the 11am service which meant quite a number of people remained to chat after the event at the school. This is one of the main motivations for this day - to bring people together - so it was pleasing to see so many share this opportunity.

There was perhaps a slight decline in the quantity of Anzac biscuits baked, but we had no noticeable shortage. We will review how we communicate this need in 2020.

Alison Badger is now stepping down from the organising committee although she will still help with some of the preparations, such as wreaths.

From now, Matthew and I will take on this event as an 'informal' Lizard News project and work on it together, seeking help from volunteers as required.

Thanks once again for the support from OEMI for managing our finances. We appreciate the administration the committee does on our behalf and the facility to come under the group's umbrella. Thankfully 2019 costs have come within WBOPDC grant funding so we have not had to touch our 'savings'.

We will see you again next year!
Liz Farrell

The ANZAC Group approached the OEMI specifically for the Memorial project. It was thought a more suitable option than creating yet another Incorporated Society for this one-off project. Most applications require being an incorporated society so OEMI fits us perfectly and our description ticks all the boxes.

Treasurer Phil Gall has been most helpful in banking our funds following the ANZAC Exhibition, donations, fundraiser evening and grants received. As we commence building, invoices will be submitted to Treasurer Phil for payment. Funds to date total $6525.89

Heather Reynolds

ANZAC Group Co-ordinator

2018 was a significant year for the Anzac Group, marking the centenary of the end of the First World War, and the end of the World War One Hundred. This series of worldwide events remembered the various anniversaries associated with the 1914-1918 centenary. Together with the completion of the Memorial Cairn in the Crapp Reserve, we feel the extra exhibitions have helped to consolidate the place of Anzac as a community commemoration.

The gallery “A Century in Pictures” was, therefore, the last of the ‘additional’ offerings the Anzac Group will organise.

Now the Memorial Cairn has been completed we do not anticipate further major funding requirements. However, the annual funds we seek from the Omokoroa Community Board, or elsewhere, to provide the two Anzac Day services would still hopefully be forthcoming, and we would wish to continue to use OEMI as our funding caretaker.

The Anzac Group is very grateful for the facility provided by OEMI in taking care of our funds for the past ANZAC projects and the transparency this affords our community.

Liz Farrell, Alison Badger and Heather Reynolds (retiring)